Thursday, August 31, 2006

Poppyseed Chicken

This is a yummy one people, and quite simple.
Submitted by: Michelle Jenkins


1-11/2lbs. - Chicken Breast (3-5 breasts)
2 cans - Cream of Chicken
16 oz. - Sour Cream
3 pkgs. - Ritz Crackers
2 sticks - Butter
2 tbs. - Poppyseed

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Cook & Chop chicken.

Place in cassarole dish.
Add sour cream & cream of chicken, blend well.

Crush Ritz crackers in a seperate bowl.
Add poppyseed to crackers.
Melt butter, add to crackers and mix to a stuffing consistency.

To the oven for 20 minutes, & Enjoy.


Share Your Recipes said...

From: Angela Mills

I can testify, this IS yummy. I leave the poppyseeds out on mine and call it Ritz Chicken. Thanks for the pictures! That was helpful!

Michelle said...

Hey Shell! The story goes like this... After I had Michelle's baby sister, a neighbor brought the poppyseed chicken recipe over to our family to help out with dinners for the first week home with the baby. I have made it more than a few times, but not very often because I dont allways have time. Sooo.. When I do, I have to call Michelle now, to get the recipe because I forget how to make it. I'm so glad she chose this for her first posted recipe. It's simple and always a big hit.
Thanks baby, Love mama

Regina said...

I've just got to say I'm very impressed with the pictures. It's like you're a photographer or something!

laura said...

This recipe is very good. I cooked it this Saturday night, but I think we are going to change the 16oz sour cream to an 8oz sour cream next time. It was a little to much for my tastes. Thanks for the recipe, Michelle!

laura said...

Yep, I like it much better with only 8oz of sour cream.